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What is MediaDotcom Offshore Staff Center?

Some of our clients have research and development force and they can sort out clear requirements or even create a design, however, because of lacking sufficient developers, they will need an OSC (Offshore Staffing Center) to provide them with independent developers. While working with OSC, these clients themselves will act as project manager or architect. They will assign separate tasks to MediaDotCom's developers, fully control the project process and require these developers to report daily work progress to them.

OSC features:

  • Cost Saving: Clients save the cost of project management and design.
  • Flexibility: Clients can flexibly adjust resource numbers, working time etc according to their changing needs.
  • Easy to control: Clients can easily find out what the developers are doing with developers' daily work reports and live chats on IM.
  • Stability: MediaDotCom provides complete career development scheme and attractive benefit package, which enable our developers want to stay with MediaDotCom for a long time.

How to build an OSC?

  1. Understand clients' requirements as for about technologies, work experience etc.
  2. MediaDotCom recommends suitable developers and provides their CVs for clients' preliminary review.
  3. If the client is interested in the candidates, then the candidates will work on real tasks for a trial period, usually one week. In this way, clients can examine the true capability before committing to any contracts.
  4. Enter into service contract.