What makes a design a great design? Or an ad a great ad? Is it the way it looks? Is it how many awards it's won? Is it who it’s been produced by? Or is it none of these?

Here at MediaDotCOm Creative Department, we believe that great design and advertising should be judged on how well it performs, communicates and persuades. And, most importantly, how much value it adds to your business.

Allow us to unleash your brands potential through memorable design, compelling advertising and a high impact web presence. In fact wherever you want to go with your brand, product or service we have the expertise to match.


Our brand expertise means that we are adept at repositioning an existing brand, or creating a new brand from initial conception.

By researching current markets and our knowledge of various sectors we are able to develop a brand by designing targeted solutions and adding value to a client's business, whether it is a large corporation or a small organisation.

Our branding services include a corporate identity, strapline creation and visual expression of the brand.

Print design

By combining intelligent design, typographic skills, relevant photography and illustration we are able to create your corporate and consumer literature. Whether your brief is for a corporate brochure, direct marketing, newsletter or magazine, we will help develop your brand to appeal to your target audience.

Our knowledge of print processes and materials enhance the layouts and production of the final product. We are able to liaise with our printers to ensure you receive excellent quality of work at competitive rates.

2D - Brochures

Our two dimensional designs and striking collaborations between image and layout work across all mediums, from print based collateral to new media. Our creativity will deliver your message and provide immediate recognition of your brand, product or service.

Digital or litho, we manage the whole print process from idea to ink and electronic output.

We match Europe-wide print facilities to your needs and exploit the economies of scale to ensure the best quality output at the most beneficial price.


We have a particular interest in fonts and typographic work, areas that are unfortunately often neglected.

Typography isn't limited to the setting of text; we also love looking at the intricacies of fonts, drawing and creating letterforms, individual words and full typefaces.

Understanding the importance of diacritics and special characters in multilingual typography, we strive for accuracy when working in different languages.